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Hydro-AX Mowing at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Hydro-AX mowing at Merritt Island

Forestry Resources Ecological, Inc. (FRE) is a Fort Myers, Florida based environmental land clearing,land management and ecological restoration company that is a directly affiliated company of Forestry Resources, Inc. (FRI). The corporate offices for both FRI and FRE are located at in the City of Fort Myers at 4353 Michigan Link. FRE is owned by John Cauthen and Rick Joyce. Starting in 1985, FRI was a pioneer in the Florida exotic pest plant removal and ecological restoration industry. As an innovative part of the exotic pest plant removal process, FRI was able to create a valuable and usable landscape mulch product. This “recycling” of trees that were historically piled and burned on project sites is an exceptionally green and environmentally prudent practice. FRI’s signature Melaleuca tree based mulch product “Florimulch” has won multiple environmental awards and is endorsed by the “Friends of Everglades.” Since the beginning of the company, it is estimate that over 318,000,000 pounds of Melaleuca mulch have been produced and sold by FRI. Forestry Resources Ecological., Inc. was originally started as Forestry Resources Vegetation Management, Inc., the company name was changed in 2009 to Forestry Resources Ecological, Inc. to better reflect the broader ecological services the company now provides. The company has been doing environmental consulting, land clearing, mowing/mulching and exotic pest plant control services for over 25 years. For work in environmentally sensitive areas, the importance of having the right specialized equipment and skilled operators is extremely important to the success of projects. We have done 100’s of projects in conservation and designated preserve lands. The work done in preserve areas includes exotic pest plant control, firebreak creation, preparing land for prescribed fire by reducing fuel loads and creation of vehicle access, creation of hiking paths and perimeter fencing. With a large range of clients, FRE conducts consulting and contracting work on public and private properties throughout Central and South Florida. The company is well known and respected for high quality work and work products. FRE staff has a strong working knowledge of federal, state, regional and local government environmental regulations involving exotic pest control, arboriculture and native plant restoration.

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