Summary of Services

Exotic pest plant removal, mowing and control

Forestry Resources Ecological, Inc. (FRE) is a long-term leader in South and Central Florida exotic pest control. As pioneers in the mechanical mowing and removal of exotic pest plants, FRE has continued to improve methods to insure the highest degree of pest plant control. We offer mechanical removal, hand removal and herbicide application services to a large variety of private and public sectors clients.

Environmental and arboricultural consulting

With broad knowledge and experience with environmental sciences related permitting and design, FRE staff can provide cost saving and valuable environmental guidance on projects. With over 25 years of direct environmental permitting and compliance experience, from due diligence reports to environmental agency negotiations, FRE staff provides timely results that work.

Tree removal, logging and thinning (forestry)

As partners with Forestry Resources, Inc. a regional wood mulch and soil manufacturer, we have successful conducted logging operations throughout South and Central Florida for over 25 years. We work directly with the best Master Loggers in the state and insure work meets the expectation of each land owner or agency.

Site clearing, grubbing and grinding

FRE is a “one stop shop” for clearing and site work. We are efficient and experienced at all kinds of site vegetation clearing and site preparation. We are able to customize a clearing program that meets the future needs of a site including agricultural and urban development uses. We work in a large range of places including road and street rights-of-way.

Ecological restoration design, procurement and installation

As experienced nursery growers and ecological restoration landscape contractors, FRE staff can bring the results and permit compliance that landowners and agency staff are looking for. We are tightly networked with native plant growers throughout the state and can secure the right plant material for a project to insure planting success. Our planting crews are experience and insure quality installation for every project.

Lake assessment and littoral plant installation

Water retention and surface water lakes are a requirement for newer developments and communities in Florida. The proper management and education to property owner’s adjacent to those lakes can make a significant difference in the long-term water quality in those lakes. FRE staff understands lake shorelines and can offer a range of solutions for shoreline erosion and management issues. We offer expert lake planting services with high quality plant material that helps to insure success and compliance.

Fence line preparation and fence installation

We provide a full line of services for agriculture and preserve fencing options. We have the equipment needed to properly prepare a site for perimeter or cross fencing and access roads. Our experienced fence builders get the job done right. We have installed multiple miles of fence around Southwest Florida. Our fence work is high quality and

Hurricane debris clean-up

Forestry Resources contributed many vegetative removal services during Hurricane Charley that struck Lee County Our company has been involved with hurricane and storm debris clean-up on many levels. Following Hurricane Charley, the company conducted all the large Australian pine tree and exotic pest plant removal from Lakes Park in South Fort Myers.

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