Rick Joyce

Rick Joyce - President and Partner of Forestry Resources Ecological, Inc. (FRE).

Rick is President and Partner of Forestry Resources Ecological, Inc. (FRE).  FRE is a well established ecological restoration company that specializes in environmental consulting, land management and the control, removal and mowing of exotic pest plants.  This work is done for a large range of private and public sector clients.

Most recently, he worked as a private consulting arborist and native plant nursery owner working on a variety of environmental and landscape projects.  Previous to that, he was Vice President of Ecosystem Sciences with Kitson Babcock LLC, the purchaser of the 91,000 acre Babcock Ranch and was directly responsible for the design of the 250 acre native plant nursery and community landscape program.

For most of his career, Rick was Director of the Division of Environmental Sciences for Lee County government, working there over 19 years.  He was the primary author of the Lee County Landscape Code. Prior to Lee County, he worked for Coastplan, Inc. the environmental consulting firm of Southwest Florida native plant expert, Richard (Dick) Workman.

He has been a Certified Arborist since 1996 (Arborist certification #SO-1098) and was the state president of the Florida Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture for two years.  He has been active for over 20 years with Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) and was previously the state FNPS president.

Rick grew up in North Fort Myers and was active with Lee County Schools Environmental Education program.  He graduated from Edison Community College and University of Central Florida.  He is an Eagle Scout.  Rick has long-term passion for natural systems, trees and native plants.

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